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If you find any inaccuracies in the book, email: errata AT sharepointdesignerstepbystep DOT com
collapse Book Title : SPD 2007 SBS ‎(5)
01 - Intro6Understanding Windows SharePoint ServicesService Pack 3 Released

​A download for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is available on Microsoft's Download center that incorporates Service Pack 2, but not Service Pack 3, which you will need to install separately. See link items in section below for Chapter 1.

05 - Lists and Libraries122Modifying a Built-In List Form PageIncorrect page referenced

​Point 4. Should read "Double-click NewTask.aspx to open it in the document window".

If one follows the instruction to the letter, the NewForm.aspx will be broken. As a result, the New Item form created generates an error message "Invalid Page URL."
There are several issues with the custom list form, so look at:

10 - CSS231Identifying Styles in Cascading Style SheetsReplace the word script with style

​In the Tip section, last sentence, replace reference to script with style, so it should read:

' therefore, to make the page appear in the list, add a style block (<style>..</style>) to the head tags of the page.'

10 - CSS240Using the Style Application ToolbarReplace the word script with style

​Point 6. Last sentence, should read 'Therefore, the styles in the ApplyStyle.css file are applied first, followed by those styles in the <style> tags on the current page, followed by inline styles.

10 - CSS245Understanding CSS Inheritance in SharePointReplace the word script with style

​First sentence on the page, replace <script> with <style>.